Contour Wedding Bands: Enhance Your Engagement Ring

A contoured wedding band is specially designed to match the contours of your engagement ring. This usually means that the face of the band curves around the bottom side of the centerpiece of your engagement ring and stays straight for the rest of the part. Contouring is one of the most popular techniques that make it possible for a wedding band to sit flush with an engagement ring.

Here are some of the advantages of opting for contour bands.


Your rings will look beautiful together

Your engagement and wedding rings will fit perfectly and complete each other. This particular conjugation will enhance the whole look and could be fine-tuned to bring out the best qualities in both the rings.

Your rings will be more secure

It so happens that rings you wear regularly tend to spin on the fingers occasionally, shying away from the spotlight. Wearing contour bands with your engagement ring makes it substantially more secure and stops it from spinning freely.

Custom rings are more personal

Since you’ll be wearing the rings for life, it will be well worth it to get them custom-designed or custom-fitted. It makes sense that personalized items hold more intimate value than store-bought ones.


There are some things you should consider before going for contour wedding bands. When worn on its own, a contour band might come across as lacking something to some women. Remember that contour bands are designed to accompany engagement rings, so you may or may not like how they look when worn on their own.

A common work around is to wear the contour band face down, hiding the curved part on the other side of the finger and wearing the straight part as the face.

You might also have to part with your engagement ring for a few weeks. In order to create a perfect match with your engagement ring, jewelers might need to keep it on hand for 4-8 weeks. Keep this in mind if you find it hard to not keep your engagement ring on all the time. However, you can always check with your jeweler first to see if they can find a way around this ‘distress’.

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