Embrace your Valentine & Give her Diamond Eternity Band


Have you ever wondered why Eternity Bands have gained immense popularity among couples? Has the endless beauty been the only reason to buy an eternity band? There are various other reasons apart from its look. So, in today’s blog, we will tell you the various reasons for buying Diamond Eternity Band as a valentine gift. Before this, we will talk about Eternity band and it’s significant as a romantic gift.

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Contour Band – Perfect Way to Make Anniversary Vows


Love is nothing, but a beautiful feeling that is meant to be express. This endless power of love is like a spark in the dark. So, if you want to express your love to your wife, then what could be the best day then your anniversary? This is the day when you can again make promises and commitments to her with an elegant piece of ‘Circle of Trust’ (Ring).

If your partner doesn’t want to remove her engagement ring or wedding band, then worry not. Think to upgrade their wedding band. How?? Contour Band is the answer to your question.

Simply put, Contour wedding Band is a jewelry accessory specially designed to match the contours of your engagement ring or wedding band. Here in this, the band is designed in such a way that the face of the band curves around the bottom side of the center stone of your ring and remaining part remains straight. Therefore, Contouring is the technique that make a wedding band sit flush with an engagement ring perfectly.

Contour Band
Contour Band

Besides upgrading or embellishing your ring, Contour Band ensures you with other amazing benefits including:

  • Look of Your Ring

When you wear Contour Band with your wedding band or engagement ring, this will accentuate the whole style and look of your ring. Thus, it is the perfect way to add a vibe of elegance in a ring without touching its traditional sentiments.

  • Offer Security to Your Ring

Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands are the two most wearable jewelry accessories. As you wear it regularly, so, you might have a habit to spin it on the fingers. This can take away all the Newness and shinning of your ring. The best way to avoid such thing is to make it substantially more secure by adding the Contour Band to it.

  • Customized Option

It is being considered that customized jewelry have more intimate value than a store-bought jewelry. The specialty of contour band is that it can be made in almost any customized style. So, to increase the worth of your engagement & wedding ring, get them custom-fitted with contour band.

Where to find Premium-quality Contour Bands?

Contour Band has reached the pinnacle of popularity in the jewelry world. It has now become a preferred choice for an anniversary gift of various couples. They believe that Contour Band is the perfect way to upgrade their sign of love without hurting its sentimental value.

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Ring Wraps for Engagement Ring

Looking for the perfect way to accentuate your engagement ring and make it more stylish? Then, Ring Wrap is the answer to your question. In fact, many renowned designers across the US state that “Ring wraps are basically designed to be worn with solitaire rings. They not only embellish your engagement ring but also work as a protective agent.” Therefore, one can use this piece in place of conventional wedding bands.


Without taking much of your time, today Mark Johnson will highlight a few things about Ring Wrap for the engagement ring. This informative piece can definitely help you to acquire the premium-quality of the wrap without going heavy on your pocket.

Wrap Around Engagement Rings

By Mark Johnson

Wrap around engagement rings can take the form of two very different styles. Much falls upon interpretation of the term ‘Wrap around.’ Since the band of any ring literally wraps around the finger, interpretation is usually based upon the setting itself – how this wraps around and holds the diamond in place. In the very simplest claw styles of setting, the fine wire claws can literally twist around the diamond, like hands wrapping around the edge of the stone.

We have referred to such twist style previously, with many alternatives currently available, either by way of four, or six claws most being most prevalent. Here we see ring design R1D002, a modern day classic design – a one part ring style with shoulders flowing into the wrap-around claws securing the diamond around the girdle.

Our next ring style, we will talk briefly about in today’s blog is the bezel setting. The full bezel setting wraps entirely around the diamond, whereas the partial bezel covers the diamond only around part of the diamond. This might be a small section of the circumference, or this can be of greater extent – potentially around the majority of the diamond edge.

Part bezel settings covering a mere half of the diamond usually require an opposing claw to prevent the diamond from coming away from the ring – a necessity in securing the stone within the design. The full bezel setting in contrast to this, provides much greater security for the diamond. Metal is pushed over the outer edge of the stone.

Security is provided with two main advantages – firstly the edge of the diamond is protected from chipping. Although a blow to the edge of the setting may ultimately damage the setting, the diamond is more likely to be unharmed. Secondly, since the diamond is held continuously around the edge of the diamond, exctraction of the diamond (more specifically loss) is less likely. Referenced left, is part bezel style R1D010B with opposing retaining claw.

Article Source – https://www.serendipitydiamonds.com/blog/wrap-around-engagement-rings/

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4 Tips for Choosing Wedding Bands


Shopping for wedding jewelry is not about spending the least amount of money or the most amount of money, it is all about spending good money on the pieces that are worth to you and your partner. Wedding Bands are one of the essential parts of wedding jewelry. And finding a perfect and stylish wedding band has always been a headache for couples.


It is essential for you to select premium-quality jewelry, especially wedding band because you have to wear this timeless piece for whole life. Today, we will enlighten you with 4 proven tips that can help you to choose perfect anniversary and stylish wedding band for your partner:

  1. Check the Trends

To acquire stylish wedding bands, you need to take care of a few things like keeping an eye on the latest trends and styles of the ring. To achieve this, you can also inspire your style ideas from various sources like magazines, celebrity, and much more. Make sure that shop for your wedding jewelry little early, so, that you get enough time to do research and get that perfect wedding band which you dream of.

  1. Plan Your Budget

If you want to get perfect and authentic diamond ring, then the well-planned budget can help you to achieve your dream ring without being cheated. Always be honest and realistic while preparing your budget and keep other consideration in mind like preference and style. But never let your budget come across the quality of metal type for your wedding band because you have to wear this for your whole life. So, while preparing budget always consider buying a beautiful, comfortable, and budget-friendly band.

diamond wedding bands

  1. Discuss With Your Partner

Some couples wish to have matching sets of the band which is perfectly complemented each other. If you are also looking for such option, then discuss the design, styles, metal type with your partner. If you want something unique and expressive then you can also go for custom design wedding bands that can help you to acquire the wedding band or ring as per your requirement.

  1. Choose Premium-Quality Metal

When it comes to selecting the metal type for the wedding band, numerous options are available, including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. Whatever metal you choose for your wedding, but before that consider a few things like quality, comfort level and durability of the metal. If your partner is allergic to any particular type of metal, then avoid selecting it or metal-mix containing that metal. Choose the high-quality metal type that is durable and comfortable to wear.

Diamond Wedding Band is the true symbol of the love, understandings, togetherness, and commitment between you and your partner. Where ever you go, this timeless piece of jewelry expresses that you are meant for each other. So, these 4 tips can help you to acquire high-quality, stylish, comfortable, durable and pocket-friendly Wedding Band.

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Contour Wedding Bands: Enhance Your Engagement Ring

A contoured wedding band is specially designed to match the contours of your engagement ring. This usually means that the face of the band curves around the bottom side of the centerpiece of your engagement ring and stays straight for the rest of the part. Contouring is one of the most popular techniques that make it possible for a wedding band to sit flush with an engagement ring.

Here are some of the advantages of opting for contour bands.


Your rings will look beautiful together

Your engagement and wedding rings will fit perfectly and complete each other. This particular conjugation will enhance the whole look and could be fine-tuned to bring out the best qualities in both the rings.

Your rings will be more secure

It so happens that rings you wear regularly tend to spin on the fingers occasionally, shying away from the spotlight. Wearing contour bands with your engagement ring makes it substantially more secure and stops it from spinning freely.

Custom rings are more personal

Since you’ll be wearing the rings for life, it will be well worth it to get them custom-designed or custom-fitted. It makes sense that personalized items hold more intimate value than store-bought ones.


There are some things you should consider before going for contour wedding bands. When worn on its own, a contour band might come across as lacking something to some women. Remember that contour bands are designed to accompany engagement rings, so you may or may not like how they look when worn on their own.

A common work around is to wear the contour band face down, hiding the curved part on the other side of the finger and wearing the straight part as the face.

You might also have to part with your engagement ring for a few weeks. In order to create a perfect match with your engagement ring, jewelers might need to keep it on hand for 4-8 weeks. Keep this in mind if you find it hard to not keep your engagement ring on all the time. However, you can always check with your jeweler first to see if they can find a way around this ‘distress’.

Contour diamond rings come in various shapes and designs and you can find the most inexhaustible collection at True Romance. Get very high quality contour bands to go with your beautiful and intricate engagement rings at the best prices offered in the market.


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