Loose Diamonds: The Greatest Discovery Since North America!

There are many interesting facts about loose diamonds that people are just not aware of. These naturally created stones are not only gemstones jewelers love to work with, but they are also freaks of nature! It is hard to believe the hardest naturally made material was formed over 100 miles underneath our feet in conditions similar to an unrelenting hell and get closer to the earth’s surface via volcanic eruptions.

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Points to be Considered While Selecting Ring Wraps


Ring wrap is the unique way to accentuate your simple wedding ring. This wrap will enhance the beauty of the ring without making it ostentatious. Simply put, Ring Wraps are meant to be worn with solitaire rings to protect them on one or both sides while also augmenting their appeal. It is a specially-designed ring wrapped around the solitaire ring.

Ring Wrap
Ring Wrap

Thus, picking up the best Ring Wrap can be a little daunting task. So, to make your search easier, we have compiled Few Considerations for Selecting Perfect Wedding Ring Wraps that can suit your needs.

Shape Matching

It is essential for you to consider Shape Matching factor while selecting traditional style ring wrap. So, if you are specifically looking for traditional design wedding ring, then it is important for you to match the shapes between Solitaire and ring wrap.


If you want to own three stone ring look by adding a ring wrap, in that case, it is important for you to match the proportion of your stone and ring wrap you have selected. For this, you need to know the size of the center stone because the opening of the wrap will be adjusted accordingly. For instance – If your ring has 2 carat center stone and you want three stone ring look, then, in this case, a yellow gold ring wrap guard with two works best. According to the renowned jewelry experts “the best way to achieve appropriate proportion is to create a total carat weight no greater than 175-200 percent of the center stone.”

Metal Types

Although it is not important to match metals, if you select similar metal types for your diamond wedding ring wrap, then getting it repair can be an easy task for you. But if you want to get a two stone look ring, then selecting contrasting metals is the perfect decision.


Soldering is another important consideration while selecting your wedding Ring Warp. As you are going to wear your wedding ring wrap with your engagement ring every day, so, it is better to solder it in order to keep the two rings together.

Therefore, Ring Wrap is one of the best options to add delicacy and charm to an engagement ring without losing its sentimental values. So, while selecting the most appropriate Ring Wrap, keep the above considerations in mind.

To explore more about Ring Wraps, visit – True Romance.

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Diamond Ring Wraps: Grace Around Your Fingers

We know that your engagement rings are very precious to you, might be it is not so expensive, but the sentimental value they carry are priceless and cannot be substituted with any other expensive piece of jewelry. Therefore repairing your engagement ring might be a daunting task for you. But there is a solution to every problem. The Diamond Ring Wrap is a brilliant way to enhance your engagement ring.

Ring Wrap

Diamond Ring Wraps

Diamond Ring Wrap or ring insert can upgrade your engagement ring in an alluring way. In fact, it is an impeccable way to bespeak or celebrate the special moment of your life. This piece of jewelry is known for its versatility, it can be used as a wedding band or anniversary band that can completely revolutionize your style.

There is an exclusive range of diamond ring wraps are available in the market, but before buying or choosing a wrap you should be aware of different wrap designs and style.

3 Basic Styles Of Diamond Ring Wraps:

Single Shank Wraps

According to the renowned jewelry designers “single shank wrap style wrap, one side of the ring or they may have extensions that spread to either side of the center stone and add symmetrical accents.” this type of wrap style is perfect for solitaries and accented rings.

Circumference Wraps

This style of wrap fully circumscribes the central diamond and perfect to go with diamond solitaire rings.

Dual Shank Wraps

This wrap style adds bands on any side of the ring that encloses the entire design of the original ring. This style of wrap is perfect for engagement rings.

How To Buy Wraps

Although Ring wraps are less expensive as compared to independent diamond ring wraps and enhancers, still you need to look upon a few things that can influence the price of your ring wraps. Some of the known factors are total carat weight of stones, type of setting, metal, and quality.

Where To Buy

Many renowned jewelers like True Romance offer an of an exclusive range of Ring wraps that are perfectly designed to combine well with their collection of engagement rings and wedding bands. It’s classic and exceptional collection of diamond wedding ring wrap reflects the true essence of American designs.

Visit True Romance Bridal or call at 1800-232-2728.


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Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts for New Moms

She brought new life and love into this world. Celebrate her new motherhood with jewelry.

Nine months of morning sickness, backaches, several visits to the doctor and sleepless nights combined with the greatest pain of her life. Any new mother will tell you politely that it was all worth it, that seeing her child’s face is the miracle and gift she could ever get.

Childbirth feels like a great accomplishment.  Eating right, the careful movements, the complications and the bed rest for most women- it’s paid off, and a healthy and beautiful life has come into the world. It is a life changing milestone and a sense of pride for all the new moms. This calls for a celebration in the form of jewelry.

The Perfect Present: A Gift of Love and Happiness

In recent years, it has become a tradition for new mothers to receive a gift of happiness, celebration and love from their loved ones.

In most circles, especially in the urban areas, these gifts have become a tradition. The new dads have several options. Think of a piece of jewelry that expresses infinity and pride, yet makes her gorgeous, desirable. In the several months after childbirth, her body will make her feel anything but gorgeous. An elegant diamond solitaire or pair of diamond studs or diamond drop earrings may be just the perfect way of expressing your love to your baby’s mother.

 Gifts from Family and Friends

 You needn’t be a new dad to consider gifting jewelry to the new mom. You can be the bay’s godparent, the mother’s best friend or new aunt or grandmother, you may want to express your love and happiness to the new mama with a jewelry gift.

If you are thinking of buying jewelry for the baby shower, you may not know the baby’s name or the birth month- so think of a jewelry you know the mother will like wearing as a fashion piece, like a gemstone earrings, a bangle bracelet or a lovely locket.

New mom’s gifts don’t have to be extravagant. For a woman who went through an exhausting, exhilarating, humbling and joyous experience of her life, a gift of jewelry to celebrate her moment, will be appreciated forever.

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Jewelry Organizer – The Key to Jewelry Maintenance

Are you dissatisfied with your own inability to efficiently organize your jewelry? Do you usually have to face the frustration that accompanies having to spend hours finding the right jewelry for an occasion?

Josh Webber has the solution to your problems. There is not just one but multiple ways to organize your jewelry and what suits my functions and goals may do nothing for you.

Read the following article and decide which solution satisfies your needs.


Budget Storage

 A great place to begin when attempting to organize jewelry is to store each piece separately. Jewelry can easily get scratched, tangled or otherwise damaged when the harder gemstones are allowed to come into contact with soft metals and soft stones, or several necklaces and bracelets become intertwined.


To keep your jewelry looking its best, the ideal storage solution is a purpose-made jewelry organizer, but in a pinch, wrapping each piece of jewelry individually in several layers of tissue paper will work as a temporary measure.


Jewelry Organizer Options


The best option for safe jewelry storage is a case that includes compartments and storage solutions for various different types of pieces – rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.


Getting your jewelry organized is a fairly easy task; however it is one that can positively impact your life in small but significant ways. By utilizing a jewelry organizer, you should never be late because you spent fifteen minutes hunting down your favorite necklace, and you should not have to throw out a much-loved pair of earrings because one in the set got damaged due to incorrect storage.


Take a look at the following options for jewelry organization. Considering the number of different jewelry organizers available, it should not be too difficult a task to find one that suits your needs perfectly.


Jewelry Boxes A good jewelry box is definitely one of the best investments you can make for keeping your pieces safe. Choose a box that includes storage for earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces to give you the best storage options. Ideally, you want a jewelry box that will allow you to store each piece of jewelry in its own separate compartment, so that nothing can get scratched.


Necklace Rods A necklace rod can be ideal for hanging bracelets and necklaces, and you can even make one yourself by modifying and installing a small towel rail. This is perfect for keeping necklaces and bracelets untangled, and you should not have to hunt for that perfect accessory if you can view all your pieces at once!


Organizer Bins A small organizer bin on top of your dresser is a good option for the budget-conscious homeowner. Hardware organizers are ideal for this purpose, as they have a large number of tiny drawers in which jewelry can be stored.


Earring Boards An earring board, made of fabric covered cork, is a great way to use wall space to store earrings, and it’s an ideal project if you enjoy handicraft projects. Cover a sheet of cork in fabric and mount on the wall to instantly give you a way of storing earrings that allows you to see your entire collection at a glance.


Jewelry Trees These can be great for storing rings, in particular, and these are especially useful if you’re the kind of person who likes to be able to see your entire “inventory” without having to open drawers or boxes.


Travel Cases Jewelry organizers intended for travel purposes can be perfect for use at home, too. They store jewelry safely, with compartments for each piece, and many organizers can be stored in a closet, on a wall, or hung from a hook, to save space when you live in a smaller home.


Jewelry Pouches Pouches are an excellent extra for expensive pieces. Use these in conjunction with other storage methods to provide an extra layer of protection for diamonds and other costly pieces.


More Tips to Keep your Jewelry Looking Great


There are several extra steps you can take to keep your jewelry and precious metals in pristine condition.


– Whenever you remove a piece of jewelry, store it safely in your jewelry organizer immediately. Don’t leave it lying around, where it might get damaged or lost. Make this a habit, and you’ll never have to worry about losing your favorite pieces.


– Put a jewelry holder in the kitchen and in the bathroom, for those times where you need to take off your jewelry temporarily, such as when you’re washing dishes or cleaning.


– Clean your jewelry regularly, even if you haven’t worn it often. The key to keeping precious metals and gemstones bright and sparkling is to keep them clean – oils from the skin, dust, cosmetics, hair sprays, and other chemicals dull the shine all too easily.


– For expensive jewelry, such as diamonds, get a professional clean and check-up around once a year. Professional cleaning is best to ensure your expensive jewelry is cleaned safely, and a check-up will take care of potential problems such as loose settings.Read full post

Along with functional organization, a proper maintenance routine is the secret to lasting jewelry and a hassle-free experience. Visit True Romance to learn more about diamond jewelry.

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