Why Vintage Engagement Rings are Popular among Couples


Life is more beautiful when you got support and hand of someone to share a special connection with. It is the divine power of love and romance only that inspire thousands of couples to move together, even in highs and lows of the life. Thus, to commemorate the serenity of their love and relationship, they select Engagement Ring. For couples, buying an engagement is also an amazing experience, that’s why they take more time to select the perfect Engagement Ring.

From the last few years, we have seen that Vintage Engagement Rings are again in the jewelry trend. Why? So, in today’s blog, Celeste Perron will show you the top 5 reasons for selecting Vintage Engagement Ring.


By Celeste Perron

If you’re beginning the search for an engagement ring, choosing a new ring might seem like the simplest route.  After all, there are nearly infinite styles of new ring available.

But there’s a compelling case for choosing a vintage engagement ring. It might take a little more hunting before you discover the perfect one, but the hunt can be a big part of the fun, and putting extra thought and effort into the search can mean finding a ring you’ll adore forever. Take a look at five reasons that a vintage engagement ring might be the right choice for you, and then browse our extensive collection of vintage engagement rings:

You Want Something Utterly Unique

If it’s crucial to you that your ring be every bit as one-of-a-kind as your style and your love, then selecting a vintage design is a wonderful way to ensure that.  Our jewelry specialists have hand-selected every item in our collection for exceptional craftsmanship and beauty. Although there’s no way to say for certain that a ring is the only one of its kind in existence, choosing a stunning vintage style such as the Risa Ring is the best way to ensure your ring is truly distinctive.

You’re In Love With a Past Era

If you’re die-hard fan of Victorian novels or swoon over Art Deco design then an engagement ring from that era will make a very personal style statement and continue to delight you for the decades to come. The 1930s Cosette Ring could be a perfect choice for the bride who loves the clean lines of the Art Deco era and the classic beauty of a diamond engagement ring.

You Want To Be Completely Eco-Friendly

Couples who are passionate about protecting the planet are often drawn to vintage rings since these recycled items require no new mining. You might find that your engagement ring’s beauty is enhanced by its sparkling eco-friendly credentials (not that gorgeous styles like the Buena Ring need any enhancement)….

Read full post here: https://www.brilliantearth.com/news/5-reasons-to-choose-a-vintage-engagement-ring/

These were the few reasons that make Engagement Ring an apple of thousand’s eyes. There are many things you need to take care while purchasing Vintage Engagement Ring are Nature of Metal Type, Skin Tone, and your attire. If your ring complements your attire and skin tone, it can accentuate your overall style and persona. Explore the unique designs of Vintage Engagement Rings.

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Picking a Ring Insert that Fits and Complements Your Finger


If you are looking to upgrade your Engagement Ring or Anniversary Band, then what could be the better way than buying a Ring Insert. It is one of the best and pocket-friendly way to give a new look to your old looking rings. Ring Insert is designed with additional diamonds and gemstone that accentuate the style and look of your ring.

In today’s blog we will enlighten you on a few important things you should ponder while buying Ring Insert:

1. Style

If you look or search online you’ll find the various styles of Ring Enhancer. One among them is Ring Style. It is one of the popular styles available in a split and double band. In this style of ring enhancer, the center stone or diamond is embellished with other accent small stones and completely encircle the diamond.

2. Shape Matching

Matching the shape is another important consideration. It is important to choose insert shape that complements the shape of your existing ring. Say if you are looking to upgrade your traditionally designed wedding band, then choose the insert that perfectly matches the shape of the solitaire.

3. Metal Type

Choosing the type and color of the metal is completely your choice. Either you go for the same color metal as your wedding band or mix match, but it should complement your skin tone. Make sure that don’t pair two opposite metals like pairing gold with silver can mar the look of your ring. Along with this, you need to look the nature of skin. If you are allergic to specific metal, then avoid metal mixing option. Always select the metal type that is comfortable to your skin.

4. Consider Colored Stones

Usually, people face a kind of dilemma – Is colored stones or Gemstones Ring Insert will accentuate or mar the style of their ring. With regards to this, many renowned designers across the globe clearly state that “wearers don’t have to limit themselves to the diamond.” In fact, the mix of gemstone and diamonds can not only upgrade the look of your old ring efficiently, but it can also accentuate your fingers and draw more attention.

These were the few things or points that you should remember while selecting the ring insert for your Engagement ring or Wedding Band. These tips can help you to acquire the premium-quality Ring Insert without going heavy in your pocket.

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Contour Band – Perfect Way to Make Anniversary Vows


Love is nothing, but a beautiful feeling that is meant to be express. This endless power of love is like a spark in the dark. So, if you want to express your love to your wife, then what could be the best day then your anniversary? This is the day when you can again make promises and commitments to her with an elegant piece of ‘Circle of Trust’ (Ring).

If your partner doesn’t want to remove her engagement ring or wedding band, then worry not. Think to upgrade their wedding band. How?? Contour Band is the answer to your question.

Simply put, Contour wedding Band is a jewelry accessory specially designed to match the contours of your engagement ring or wedding band. Here in this, the band is designed in such a way that the face of the band curves around the bottom side of the center stone of your ring and remaining part remains straight. Therefore, Contouring is the technique that make a wedding band sit flush with an engagement ring perfectly.

Contour Band
Contour Band

Besides upgrading or embellishing your ring, Contour Band ensures you with other amazing benefits including:

  • Look of Your Ring

When you wear Contour Band with your wedding band or engagement ring, this will accentuate the whole style and look of your ring. Thus, it is the perfect way to add a vibe of elegance in a ring without touching its traditional sentiments.

  • Offer Security to Your Ring

Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands are the two most wearable jewelry accessories. As you wear it regularly, so, you might have a habit to spin it on the fingers. This can take away all the Newness and shinning of your ring. The best way to avoid such thing is to make it substantially more secure by adding the Contour Band to it.

  • Customized Option

It is being considered that customized jewelry have more intimate value than a store-bought jewelry. The specialty of contour band is that it can be made in almost any customized style. So, to increase the worth of your engagement & wedding ring, get them custom-fitted with contour band.

Where to find Premium-quality Contour Bands?

Contour Band has reached the pinnacle of popularity in the jewelry world. It has now become a preferred choice for an anniversary gift of various couples. They believe that Contour Band is the perfect way to upgrade their sign of love without hurting its sentimental value.

Get the stunning collection of Contour Band from True Romance.

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