3 Most Popular Tiara Engagement Ring Styles and Their Pros

3 Most Popular Tiara Engagement Ring Styles And Their Pros

By: Sarah Jeffery

When people are shopping for diamond engagement rings, most of their attention goes to the diamond alone. That is natural because diamond is the most expensive part of your engagement ring. But choosing the right ring setting is also crucial for buying the perfect ring for your loved one. Most women care about the overall look of the ring than just the diamond. Your lady would want to have a ring that matches her personality and reflects her style.

How to Pick Your Tiara Engagement Ring Styles?

Engagement rings styles mostly affect the appearance and character of a ring. Some styles can even make the diamond appear more prominent, which is a plus for smaller budgets. Nesting ring styles and Nested Rings design are elegant and minimalistic, while some are flashy.

Below are the 3 engagement ring styles you can consider while you shop diamond rings online:

1 – The Solitaire or Prong Setting

The solitaire is the most common and classic ring style. Prong is a tiny metal claw that holds the diamond firmly in its place. When you buy Tiara engagement rings online, you can find prong styles in a round, flat, pointed, and V-shape. A prong setting often has four or six prongs. Lesser prongs expose more diamond while more prongs foster its security. This style uses a minimum of metal and leaves you with more diamond to see in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Solitaire style is suitable for a traditional and classy girl.

Pros of the Solitaire are –

  • Elevates the stone, making it the center of attraction.
  • Allows adequate light to pass through the diamond that increases the stone’s brilliance.
  • Simple to clean and maintain.
  • Provides a timeless, classic appearance.
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2 – Tension Style 

The tension style is contemporary and artistic. The tension between metal bands of the ring grips the diamond in place. It makes the stone appear as floating between two ends of metal. Jewelers use a laser to gauge the exact dimensions of your stone. And then, they precisely make tiny grooves on sides of the metal band so that the tension between them firmly grips the diamond. Tension style setting adds a protective cover for a diamond. It employs prong or bezel underneath or on the sides of the stone to hold it firmly in place.   

Pros of the Tension Style are –

  • Keep the diamond secure.
  • Gives a unique look.
  • Increase light reflection since the surrounding metal is minimal.
  • Needs less maintenance than other styles.
  • Offer a contemporary and stylish look.
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3 – Bezel Style

Bezel style is quite popular because of its modern look and usability in an active lifestyle. Bezel setting has a metal rim surrounding the diamond. Unlike prongs, the bezel setting encircles the diamond, which makes it even more secure. Bezels with round diamonds are typical, but it can accommodate to any shape of the diamond. This style goes for both diamond wedding rings for men and diamond bridal rings for women. It’s an excellent style for teachers, nurses, or people who do a lot of hands-on activities since bezel provides adequate protection to the diamond.

Pros of the Bezel Style are

  • The most secured ring style, the best choice for people with an active lifestyle.
  • Prevents snagging on clothes and other materials.
  • Gives a sleek and modern appearance.
  • Easy for maintenance since it has no prongs to check routinely.

All Things Considered

Ring style plays a vital role in its appearance and personality. The overall design of the ring is the first thing anyone will notice. The solitaire, tension, and bezel are three of the most popular and modern ring styles of today. It helps to keep in mind the budget, personal taste, and lifestyle of your fiancée while purchasing the crown engagement ring.