Embrace your Valentine & Give her Diamond Eternity Band

Embrace Your Valentine & Give Her Diamond Eternity Band

By: Sarah Jeffery

Have you ever wondered why Eternity Bands have gained immense popularity among couples? Has the endless beauty been the only reason to buy an eternity band? There are various other reasons apart from its look. So, in today’s blog, we will tell you the various reasons for buying Diamond Eternity Band as a valentine gift. Before this, we will talk about Eternity band and it’s significant as a romantic gift.

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Eternity Band & Its Origin

An eternity ring is a jewelry that a man gives to her wife or would be ring most often worn by women. However, men sometimes wear eternity rings as wedding bands or engagement rings.  This eternity ring is considered as a perfect gift for Anniversary. Usually, men give this ring as a token of romantic connotation on the eve of the anniversary.

The concept of Eternity Band was originated from Old Egyptian Hieroglyphics concept. During 2000-1800 BC, the circle was a powerful and trusted symbol that exudes eternity or infinity. The people in that era believed that “bond of marriage between a man & woman was so strong that it could not be interrupted by death.”

How Eternity Band is Different from Other Bands   

It is not only setting or diamonds that make bands beautiful. Mostly girls connect their jewelry with their major sentimental moments, so, they choose bands & rings according to its symbol.  Women prefer to wear eternity ring to showcase their marital status and endless love. The Diamond Eternity Band is circular in shape, this circularity symbolizes the everlasting love and unceasing bond of the couples.

Types of Eternity Band

  • Full Eternity Band - Full Eternity Band comprises a fine line of diamonds or gemstones. In this gorgeous piece, diamonds or colored stones are set in a continuous line all around the band. This gives a look of fresh white water flowing smoothly. This ring is a perfect option for those who want to accentuate their finger with the ultimate level of brilliance.
  • Half Eternity Band - In this half eternity band the diamonds/stones are set in synchronize way across the top half of the ring. This type of ring is known for its unmatched level of beauty and comfort, in fact, wearers find half eternity is better than full eternity ring in terms of comfortability. Thus, it is a budget-friendly ring/band that will not go heavy in your pocket.
  • Wedding Eternity Band - Eternity bands are also used as a wedding ring because with this couples commemorate their endless love and never-ending trust. Thus, to celebrate their auspicious moment they choose stylish wedding bands. The best feature of this band is that it can be easily customized with different styles and cutting techniques.

Different Styles of Eternity Band

When it comes to the limitless possibilities in terms of styles & design, Eternity Band is the name people usually trusted upon. In the jewelry market various noteworthy styles are available for eternity bands. Here are 6 major styles:

  • Princess Cut Channel Band/Ring
  • Shared Prong Band/Ring
  • Channel Set Band/Ring
  • Channel Set Millgrain Band/Ring
  • Shared Prong 3 Row Band/Ring
  • Shared Prong 2 Row Band/Ring

Eternity Band is the most romantic way through which you can win your lady’s heart & love this Valentine’s Day. Think to team this gorgeous ring with the fancy romantic dinner. Trust us! She will just melt and say yes! 
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