Men’s Engagement Rings – Tips and Ideas to Wear

Vintage Engagement Ring

Traditionally, men have refrained from wearing engagement rings. However, recent years have demanded otherwise. As the gender gap closes, more men find it easier to sport rings that symbolize their engagement. Men who prefer to wait longer between getting engaged and speaking marriage vows might want to show that their engaged by wearing engagement rings.

Men’s rings are generally simpler than women’s. Most men opt for simple, plain bands. Engravings are popular as well. If you want something unique yet subtle, here are a few suggestions

Wooden diamond bands

If you’re not entirely bought into the idea of wearing too much gold but are cool with sporting a diamond as a symbol of your engagement, replace the metal with a wooden band. Wooden bands have become more popular in the past few years.

Hobby rings

This one is for the artsy types. If you and your beau share a passion for craft and finesse, it might be a good idea to share similar mens diamond rings, perhaps engraved with each other’s heartbeats.

Mixed metal rings

Although not exactly topping the trend charts yet, mixed metal rings are becoming quite popular. Mixed metal rings may feature two or more distinct, contrasting metals or a more colloidal Japanese-style amalgamation. While mixing metals often result in spectacular end-products, many still oppose the idea and prefer sticking with one type of metal. If you do not adhere to such stringent parameters of fashion, mixing metals can be an offbeat but credible alternative to generic engagement rings.

Fingerprint rings

Sterling-silver rings with the fingerprints of your significant other embedded into their surface are another good engagement ring idea for men. You can keep it plain or have it sport a diamond as well.

If engagement rings are not your style (or that of your fiancé), you can always opt for a watch or a pair of cufflinks.

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