This New Year Dive into the world of Halo Engagement Ring

This New Year Dive Into The World Of Halo Engagement Ring

By: Sarah Jeffery

“Buy Diamond Engagement at a budget-friendly price. What!!! Are you kidding or what? Diamond Ring that too at the budget-friendly price, impossible”. No surprise, this can be your obvious reaction, but this is a fact that you can easily buy the diamond engagement ring without going heavy in your pocket. How? Halo Engagement Ring is the answer to your how. It is the second most popular ring after the classic solitaire in the world of the rings.

Halo engagement ring has gain immense popularity among couples not only for its affordability, but this vintage and classic ring exudes perfect brilliance and sparks. The main feature of this ring is that the center stone and other small diamonds will make the ring look bigger.


So, in today’s blog, we will cover each and every information about Halo Engagement Ring, including its type and advantages.

Halo Engagement Ring

Halo Engagement Ring is the setting in which center stone or diamond is embellished with the fine line of small diamonds. These smaller diamonds are lined so perfectly that it not only makes the ring look attractive but also make it look larger. This type of ring can easily add a vibe of classic touch to your style.

Types of Halo Engagement Ring

When it comes to buying halo ring, numerous styles and designs are available. In fact, jewelry market is flooded with different types of halo diamond engagement ring. Let’s explore the different types here:

  • Floating Halo - In this setting, the set of smaller diamonds are set a little below the center stone/diamond. As the center stone is raised above the halo setting, so, this makes your diamond look bigger. This halo ring can add a vibe of the contemporary touch to your hand and make you look gorgeous.
  • Double Halo - As the name suggests, in this ring, the center stone/diamond is encircled with the two halo circles. This double halo setting with the center diamond will give a triple halo effect to your ring and make stone and ring look larger.
  • Flush against the center diamond - In this setting, the smaller diamonds are lined closely around the center diamond that it appears as a single stone.

Why You should Choose Halo Engagement Rings

Halo rings can not only help you to accentuate your finger, but it also offers you with some long-term benefits.

Halo Engagement Ring is something that never fades out from jewelry trend. This classic and vintage-inspired piece can not only leave you with the amazing experience but also ensures you with the authentic and certified ring.

If you really want to own this stylish Engagement Ring in this coming year, then go for it without any second thought. Explore the exotic collection of Halo Engagement Ring at True Romance.